In-House Printing

Printing Consumables

Polymark’s thermal and textile ink consumables offer the best possible match to our identification tapes to ensure a high quality and robust print for long lasting readability.

- Thermal Print Ribbons

  • A selection of specially formulated, launderable thermal transfer ribbons
  • Our customer service team will be happy to advise you of the best match dependant on the variant of thermal tape and printer you are using
  • Available in multiple lengths dependant on your production requirements (minimises set up times)
    • 100 metre
    • 300 metre
    • 500 metre

- Textile Print Ribbons

  • A selection of specially formulated dot matrix ink cassettes
  • Available for Epson/ Star dot matrix printers *
  • Available for Epson 800 dot matrix printers*

* please note that Polymark no longer sells or supports dot matrix hardware although technical advice is available